Buyers Guide

Purchasing or leasing a commercial unit should be a straight forward process, however this is not always the case. My name is Anna Corbridge-Atkins and I work with and alongside Robert Smith in our Land department. Between us we are able to assist you with the acquisition of your chosen commercial property. We will work with you in order to understand the varying aspects and complexities that can surface in pursuing your chosen opportunity.

We have many years’ experience within the commercial and residential sector of the market which provides us with a good understanding of what’s necessary in order to pursue and complete on the majority of commercial units. We deal with shops of all sizes and types, offices, warehouses and everything in between.  We are also able to advise on multi-unit blocks of residential flats and mixed residential/commercial buildings. Whether you are experienced in pursuing commercial units or it is your first time, we are here to support and guide you through the process from start to finish. We deal with a vast and diverse range of opportunities throughout Dorset, but more specifically in and around Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.

Normally Churchfield are financially retained by the landlord to market their particular opportunity, however there are circumstances where a purchaser may be asked to financially retain us on their chosen acquisition. Please ask us for more details.

The Commercial department is directly linked to the Land & Developments department as well as the Residential Sales, Lettings and New Homes departments. These additional departments can be involved in ascertaining values, etc in order to work out the best way forward. Churchfield have a wealth of knowledge of the local property market and we will be very pleased to assist you with whatever commercial investment needs you have.

Legal representation is normally required and we have a selection of legal representatives that we are able to recommend.

Please take a look at our wide range of available commercial opportunities and get in touch today if there is anything that takes your interest.

Robert Smith |Land and New Homes Manager 

I specialize in the acquisitions and sales of land and investments, predominantly in the Bournemouth and Poole areas. I enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and spending time with my family and friends.

Anna Corbridge-Atkins |Senior Letting Negotiator (ARLA Qualified) 

Recently ARLA qualified I am responsible for carrying out lettings viewings and valuations and enjoy building long lasting relationships with my clients. I have recently embarked on my Commercial Lettings journey and am starting to support the commercial team. In my spare time I enjoy going out for dinner and spending time with family and friends.

Use Class:

A1 Shops

Shops, retail warehouses, hairdressers, undertakers, travel and ticket agencies, post office, pet shops, sandwich bars, showrooms, domestic hire shops, dry cleaners, funeral directors and internet cafes.

A2 Financial and Professional Services*

Financial services such as banks and building societies, professional services (other than health and medical services) and including estate and employment agencies (excluding betting offices or pay day loan shops – these are classed as “Sui Generis”).

A3 Restaurants & Cafes

For the sale of food and drink for consumption on the premises – restaurants, snack bars and cafes.

A4 Drinking establishments

Public houses, wine bars or other drinking establishments (excluding night clubs).

A5 Hot food takeaways

For the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises.

B1 Business

Offices (other than A2), research & development pf products and processes, light industry appropriate in a residential area.

B2 General Industrial

For industrial process (other than B1, excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill/hazardous waste).

B8 Storage and Distribution

Wholesale warehouses, distribution centres and repositories (including open air storage).

C1 Hotel

Hotels, boarding and guest houses where no significant element of care is provided (excluding hostels).

C2 Residential Institutions

Residential care homes, hospitals, nursing homes, boarding schools, residential colleges and training centres.

C2A Secure residential institution

For the provision of secure residential accommodation (including prisons, young offenders institutions, detention centres, secure training centres, custody centres, short term holding centres, secure hospitals, secure local authority accommodation or military barracks).

C3 Dwelling houses

This class is formed of 3 parts:

C3 (a) covers use by a single person or family

C3 (b) up to six people living together as a single household and receiving care.

C3 (c) allows for groups of people (up to six) living together as a single household.


C4 Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Small shared houses occupied by between three and six unrelated individuals, as their only or main residence, who share basic amenities such as kitchen or bathroom.

D1 Non-residential institutions

Clinics, health centres, crèches, day nurseries, day centres, schools, art galleries (other than for sale or hire), museums, libraries, halls, places of worship, church halls, law court. Non-residential education and training centres.

D2 Assembly & Leisure

Cinemas, music and concert halls, bingo and dance halls (excluding night clubs), swimming baths, skating rinks, gymnasiums or areas for indoor or outdoor sports and recreation (excluding motor sports, or where firearms are used).

Sui Generis Casinos & Amusement Arcades

Certain uses do not fall within any use class and are considered ‘Sui Generis’. Such uses include: betting offices/shops, payday loan shops, theatres, houses in multiple occupation, hostels providing no significant element of care, scrap yards. Petrol filling stations and shops selling and/or displaying motor vehicles. Retail warehouses clubs, nightclubs, launderettes, taxi businesses, amusement centres and casinos.

Sui Generis Betting offices & Pay Day Loan Shops

Sui Generis Agricultural Buildings

Please note that Churchfield get new stock in all the time and we recommend that you visit the Churchfield website regularly to see what we have available